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Do you have a pile of old boxes in the back of a closet that would be better converted to cash?

Bring in your vintage items and memorabilia and we’ll help you determine its value and make an offer on the spot. For larger collections, we’ll send one of our buyers to you.

No collection too large or too small.

we pay top dollar

Do you remember the good old days? We do! At Petrucco's we love the past! So much so that our hobby of collecting has turned into our business. Our passion has turned into over 500,000 items. We buy almost every type of pre-1980 Vintage Collectibles, including Sports Memorabilia & Cards, Entertainment, Movies, Television, Music, Posters, Autographs, Political items, Historical items, Old Toys & Games, Coins, Ephemera, Comics, Antiques, Old paper, Advertising, Coca-Cola, Rock-N-Roll, G.I. Joe, Barbie, and much more!!!

Sellers often shop around with their collections, looking for top dollar offers. Petrucco's Collectibles has a track record of being the last place people stop because they get the best cash offers here! You can spend gas money driving around if you want, but why not start your trip where you’re likely to end your trip.

An educated seller is a happy seller. So our first goal is always to make sure you understand what you have in your collection, along with a bit of its history before we make you an offer.

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